Duckmole vs. Platypus

Duckmole vs. Platypus — Is There a Difference?

Difference Between Duckmole and Platypus


(obsolete) platypus


A semiaquatic egg-laying mammal (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) of eastern Australia and Tasmania, having a broad flat tail, webbed feet, a snout resembling a duck's bill, and in the male, venomous spurs on the hind legs. Also called duckbill, duck-billed platypus.


A semi-aquatic, egg-laying monotreme mammal with a bill resembling that of a duck, that has a mole-like body, a tail resembling that of a beaver, a waterproof pelt, and flat webbed feet — males have poisonous spurs on the inside of the back legs; Ornithorhynchus anatinus


small densely furred aquatic monotreme of Australia and Tasmania having a broad bill and tail and webbed feet; only species in the family Ornithorhynchidae